IF you’re reading this right now, let me guess…


☑️ Too busy running your business to take the time to learn how to write a high-converting sales page (or that sounds like a total snooze fest to you)

☑️ Sick of ChatGPT promising your audience to “unlock the secret” to the thing you teach (tell me you’re using AI without telling me!)

☑️ Staring at that blinking cursor, wondering what to write (why don’t the “right” words ever just fly out of your fingertips?!)

☑️ Always worried about sounding too salesy/spammy/annoying when you’re trying to sell your stuff (even though, you know, selling stuff is how you make money)

…or some combo of all of the above.

Did I get it right?!

If you’re nodding your head like a 90s baby at a Blink 182 concert, you’re in the right place.

And I’m here to help.

Hi there, I’m Andrea

Your coffee-obsessed military wife, mama to littles, and new copywriter BFF.

I’m a conversion copywriter with a degree in Brain, Behavior, and Cognitive Science, and a lifelong word nerd (aka I’ve studied all of the copywriting theory and behavioral psychology so you don’t have to…)

I used to think I hated writing sales copy, but then I realized I hated writing salesy sales copy. It felt so forced and inauthentic, even when I followed what the “experts” said to do. 

So if you’ve been looking for the perfect person to help you sell your awesome stuff to people without feeling weird about ityou’ve found it!

It’s my mission is to fill the world with more authentic, feel-good copy and I’m ready and waiting to help you!

A few of My favorite things (to write):

  • Launch copy (you know, sales pages, launch emails, and even pre-and-post-launch sequences) that helps you sell without feeling gross about it, but actually make $$$

  • Web copy (like your home, about, services, and contact pages) so that your website can do at least half of the connecting with your audience and even selling for you!

  • Sales pages and web page editing to make your copy sparkle and take it from “I’ve read this same thing a thousand times” to “OMG how do I work with this person right now?!”

  • Wallet poppin’ case studies like this one that you can use to promote your business and tout your successes without sounding braggy

  • Email marketing campaigns (like welcome sequences, re-engagement sequences, and even weekly newsletters) to help you connect with your audience and convert them into buyers and raving fans.

…and (almost) anything in between!

So if you’re ready to rock, I wanna hear from YOU!



I’ll take your existing sales page copy and give it a sprinkle of my magic copy dust. I’ll edit for clarity and conversion. Think of this as a make-over for your current sales page copy.

Starting at $400

ALL NEW sales pages

Need a sales page written from start to finish? I’ve got you covered. This complete done-for-you service delivers brand new, high-converting sales copy for your next (and best) launch.

Packages starting at $1,200


A case study isn’t just a testimonial. It’s a powerful 600-800 word marketing tool that can be used anywhere to highlight your value. Click here to see a sample.

Starting at $500

I’ve got you covered!

Not quite ready to hand over the keys and let me drive yet?

From one (recovering) Type A “do everything yourselfer” to another, I get it. I also offer group coaching, workshops, and templates galore inside the Creative Copy Club or 1:1 copy coaching services.